Systemic and solution-oriented

Coaching Philosophy

To be successful, the professional coaching process must be based on a set of core values: trust, respect, integrity and mindfulness. These core values are of utmost importance to Jannette´s work as a systemic business coach. Her objective as a coach is to facilitate your personal and professional growth, to help you develop and achieve your goals – in a way that is right for you.

Coaching provides a framework, a space to reflect on options and perspectives. The systemic approach means that you take a closer look at the interactions between people within a certain context and examine how these interactions influence situations, results, aims, relationships etc. 

Jannette´s focus is on mobilising your resources, stimulating creativity and exploring perspectives and options in the firm belief that, with support and given the space you need to reflect, you yourself hold the answers and solutions you are searching for.

Jannette Allen, personal profile:

  • Founder and director of PLS Training
  • Founder and director of PLS Coaching
  • Certified dvct Systemic Business Coach (Münchner Coaching Akademie)
  • Certified CAPTain profiler (for specific professions and intercultural competencies)
  • 29 years experience working with executives from leading international companies as trainer and coach
  • Certificate in Cross-Cultural Communication (University of Applied Sciences, Munich)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (York University)
  • BA and MA in German Studies (University of Wales)
  • Business Administration, Sales and Marketing (London School of Marketing)