Communication Training

Your Partner in Global Communication

Effective communication is the foundation of every successful organisation. In today´s competitive world, meaningful communication entails engaging with, listening to and responding to your business partner, thus creating a lasting connection built on mutual trust and respect.

PLS´ communication courses help develop and enhance the skills needed by your employees to give your organisation that competitive edge and thus contribute to the long-term success of your company in today´s global business environment.

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Our training offerings (language of delivery: English)

Effective Business Correspondence and Telephoning in English (2 days)

Corresponding in international business professionally requires not only a good command of grammatical structures, but also a sensitivity for different communication styles. This workshops gives you a skillset to take away that will speed up your working process and make your communication more effective. The workshop will give you plenty of time to bring in your own situations and practise.

Facilitating International Negotiations (2 days)

Negotiating is a challenging tasks in one´s own language. This process is complicated when different nationalities and cultures are at the table. This workshops gives you insights and tips on how to negotiate effectively on an international level.

Effective Communication in Intercultural Teams (2 days)

To work effectively in an intercultural team means creating a productive and positive environment that supports diversity. This workshop provides awareness training on our own biases; it supports understanding of how we place stereotype and cultural assumptions on others and trains employees to be culturally mindful, open and adaptable when communicating with colleagues and business partners of different cultural backgrounds. 

Facilitating Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams (2 days)

Leading international teams requires intercultural sensitivity and sound leadership skills. This workshop gives you valuable information and insight into how to ramp up your team. In many cases, good leadership can prevent conflicts arising. It ensures the team works productively and can use the synergies of intercultural diversity.

The Fundamentals of Effective Communication (2 days)

What are the essential pillars of good, clear communication?
This workshop offers you practical skills to boost your personal effectiveness, reduce stress, avoid conflicts and save time. It will cover a range of communication media. 
The workshop can greatly improve the way you communicate - both at work and in your private life.

Presenting to an International Audience (2 days)

There are key factors you need to address when speaking to an international audience. Audience expectations and behaviour vary greatly between different cultures. This workshop provides you with important input while affording you plenty of time to practise and sharpen your presentation skills.