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Jannette Allen certified Coach

A passion for excellent business coaching

Is your day so busy that you can´t make space to think?

Do you need to get clarity on the different options so that you can make a good decision?

Do you need someone with no vested interest in your situation, someone you can trust - a sparring partner who gives you honest and open feedback?

Jannette has a 30-year track record in communication training and coaching. She is an inspiring and experienced trainer who has worked with leaders and managers across many industries, cultures and nationalities. She is the founder and Managing Director of PLS.

Jannette passionately believes in the benefits of coaching to empower, inspire and motivate and is convinced that a skillful and challenging coach as sparring partner can stretch people and facilitate more effective solutions, promoting creativity and making a significant impact on people´s lives and the success of organisations.

Typical coaching situations:

Change processes within the company

Creating stable and effective teams in today´s fast-changing business world is a challenging task. Having a sparring partner to support you during the change process is a valuable asset.

A new professional position

Taking on new tasks or working with a new team in a new environment can be a stressful process. We support you in clarifying and defining your new role and communicating it effectively.

New tasks

You have changed your department or team and have to redefine your role and position in the new team? We are happy to support you through the process!

Leadership topics

Leading in a fast-changing business world is becoming more and more challenging. Time and space to reflect in order to gain clarity and make sound decisions is simply missing in days packed with meetings and phone calls. We support you to find the best solutions for you, your team and your company.

Conflict situations

In a conflict situation, it helps to talk confidentially to someone neutral with no vested interest. Using various methods it is possible to gain new insights and a different perspective on what seems unsolvable. If needed, coaching can also provide a setting to rehearse a conversation, which gives the coachee more confidence to manage the conflict more effectively.

Work-life balance

In the current fast-paced business world it is not easy to maintain a work-life balance. Boundaries between work and home are becoming less clear. Technology can lead to constant connection with work and it is not easy to keep your home and work life separate. Parents can find it especially challenging to juggle the duties of home and work tasks. Coaching enables you to take time to reflect on your time management, to find new solutions and identify for yourself how you can improve your tie management as a whole or identify what you need to change.

Fulfilment and a search for meaning

Are you dissatisfied with your life despite a successful career and reaching all your material goals? Do you feel a vague sense of discontent with your life? Do you feel no satisfaction despite achieving your annual targets? Coaching can help you identify what is missing in your life: making sense out of what you are doing and finding a deeper meaning. Coaching facilitates awareness of your innermost talents, values and life purpose. It provides time to define how and who you want to be. 

Development of personal aims and competencies

In order to ensure continuous development, it is important to explore your personal aims and aspirations. Coaching can support you in identifying your innermost aspirations and talents while identifying competencies that you need to acquire or build on.  Coaching can prove invaluable when making career decisions.

Integration in Germany

You are new to Germany and need support to understand the cultural differences and ways of working together. We can support you to make your start in Germany both enjoyable and successful.

Preparation for foreign assignments

Do you need support before an important assignment abroad? Our intercultural experts are happy to accompany you in the preparation phase and, if necessary, continue their support after your arrival in the target country.

Intercultural topics

Are you finding it challenging to work in an international environment or lead an intercultural team? Do you work in an international company and find it difficult to understand your international colleagues? Do you want to communicate and work more effectively with colleagues, customers or suppliers from abroad? Do you want to have a deeper understanding of your foreign counterparts when you are abroad on business? 

Conflicts can be complicated among people of the same culture. Different cultures within a conflict simply adds to its complexity. More complex dimensions should be taken into consideration. 

Coaching can help you change your perspective and gain new insights into various behavioural patterns, thus helping you to work more effectively.

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Business Coaching

Choose the setting which best fits your needs.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching can be booked by individuals or companies for their employees. Coaching can take place in the company or in our coaching room in the centre of Munich.

Telephone coaching

Individual coaching can be booked by individuals or companies for their employees. Coaching can take place in the company or in our coaching room in the centre of Munich.


New communication technologies provide a number of alternative solutions to face-to-face coaching (e.g. Skype for Business, Webex, Facetime etc.). This coaching setting is ideal for coachees who need a high level of flexibility. Combined with interactive boards, it is a highly effective and flexible solution.

E-mail coaching

This coaching setting is sometimes needed by coachees living and working in different time zones around the globe. It offers the highest level of flexibility and time to reflect between the coaching sessions.


Coaching and training services can be provided worldwide. The language of delivery can be English or German at any location around the globe.